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- Tim

This may be the last year (2014) of Insaynity.net

Hello everyone reading this,

It is with great regret that this post be made.
I’m sure that everyone can understand how difficult it is to maintain a domain, hosting, and an iOS Membership.
And what’s more is that I’m giving my work for free.
The apps have full functionality without any hidden cost.
“But Reaction Time has an in app purchase” are the wails I here. I didn’t put it in there to try and con you into giving me your money. It’s basically there so if you think the app is worth anything you can support it.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase. I can’t afford all these expenses as well as my studies.
If by December I can’t afford them then I’m sorry. I may keep the iOS membership. I may not.

If I have helped you kill time when you’re bored, why not help a studying student?

My love has always been to developing so even if it isn’t here, you can bet it’ll be someplace else.

- Tim
- Developer